Wrist Arthroscopy

A wrist arthroscopy can be performed for two reasons: First, it can be useful to ascertaining the extent of an injury or strain and can help in deciding what other procedures may be necessary. Second, it can be therapeutic in treating certain wrist problems by allowing the surgeon to clear away debris from the area.

In surgery, the arm is suspended vertically and 2-4 small “keyhole” incisions are made so that a camera and small instruments can be inserted. The examination usually takes about 30 minutes and during the procedure suction or shaving can be employed to remove the debris, if needed.

To speed recovery, the wrist should be elevated as much as possible for 6 days and the patient should get plenty of rest. Most patients return to regular activities in about two weeks, but strenuous activity like physical exercise should be avoided for 4-6 weeks.

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