Information for patients

Your consultation

Mr Ritesh Sharma considers the initial consultation to be one of the most important stages of your road to recovery. The consultation enables an in depth understanding of you as a person as well as your injury/condition. Mr Sharma will give you his best advice based on your needs and his medical assessment.

Self funding patients

Patients funding their own treatment will need to pay for any consultation or surgery. Initial consultations cost £220 with follow-up consultations costing £150. Treatment costs will vary depending on their complexity.

Insured patients

For patients with health insurance, it is recommended that you come to the consultation with your GP referral letter along with your insurance authorisation code. This will help avoid complications with invoicing.

Recovering after treatment

Recovering from surgery can take up to 2 weeks and may involve some minor discomfort. It is always advised to keep exercising your hand and fingers following surgery to prevent stiffness. However, you should avoid driving a car until the wound has completely healed.

What our patients say

‘Mr Ritesh Sharma operated on my left hand in June 2019 in order to correct the moderate to severe Dupuytren’s disease of my left palm affecting the left ring finger. The care I received, including post operation physiotherapy, was of the highest standard.’

Mr J.P.

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