Trigger Fingers

The tendons that run through fingers and thumbs are anchored by ligaments called “pulleys.” Trigger finger occurs when these pulleys and tendons become irritated and swollen due to repetitive stress or inflammation or arthritis, sometimes creating a large, swollen nodule at the base of the finger. As a result, fingers have a tendency to catch or click, even becoming locked in place so that using the other hands to ease fingers open is necessary. This is because the tendon  can’t glide normally through the pulley ligaments.

Modification of activities and mobilizing the affected finger with a splint are the first steps to treat trigger finger. Additionally, many patients find relief through a local steroid injection, which decreases pulley inflammation.

Surgery can be a solution for trigger finger. In this procedure, the pulley is cut open to allow freedom of movement of the tendon. This simple incision will heal quickly but in a manner that allows painless movement. After 10 days, normal use of the hands should resume.

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